About Sam

Sam Shoemaker

While currently emerging as a premiere artist and one of the game's most original and effective songwriters, Sam's path has followed anything but a linear narrative. Born just to the north of Seattle, much of his formative years were spent with extensive time in both New York City as well as Los Angeles. He excelled in his education and eventually attended/graduated from college with his eyes set on law school. Despite the appearance of external normality, rampant addiction present from a young age finally destroyed his life completely in 2013 and left him hopeless and lost.

It wasn't until after getting sober that he decided to pursue life as an artist. The first track he ever wrote/recorded was the result of a meditation that began with a simple question: what should I do with this opportunity and my new lease on life?

Sam is a thematic writer and subjects range from relatable personal narratives to transcendent social/historical/political circumstances, all of which are delivered with a tone of sincerity and irony that few can replicate.

2019 has already seen his four most successful single releases climbing up the charts and landing on various playlists. The powerfully emotional ballad "It Could Always Be Worse" has been especially well received. With the release of a visionary project "Grimy Gospel" and an established national fan base after three successive tours, Sam is poised to establish his place in the consciousness of music listeners worldwide.